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What is Student Athletes Guide

Posted on July 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

We are a form of like minded student athletes that talk about our work, our trials and tribulations, and our journey in our NCAA career to (hopefully the professional market). We also now go across the country with our published work, our seminars, our classes and the small groups that we have. Our biggest goal is to help high school athletes achieve their goal of making it in the college athletics and the college career. While doing this we pride ourself’s with the help we give their family also. Our purpose is to give the high school students 4 reasons to be a college athlete.

1. Get a deeper skill base – TalentWith lots of students that come our way now they are naturally gifted. With that being said if they do not develop their skills and not be just reliant on their natural talent they will never be successful with anything they do in their life.
2. Get the financial support they need – MoneyMost of the students that we come across are having a hard time financially with getting into college. We want to help them with the resources that we have for them to get a scholarship for their athletic advantage.
3. Find like minded friends and support – friendsFor many of the students that are coming to us this will be the first time moving away from their family. Having a peer group around you helps ease that and helps them focus on what they are their for. For their athletic and academic life.
4. Find out how to recover from any injury – For all of the athletes out there we have all had injury’s and we will continue to have them. Here we talk about our injury’s and what has happened on the road that we have gone down.

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Rib platingto rib plating there is not a topic that is taboo.
So join us with our regular updates to the site and get in the discussion and let us help you.
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testing this out

Posted on February 1, 2018 in Uncategorized

I do not have the vernacular to describe the way I am feeling this morning. Had a hard time getting up this morning and was not feeling well like my head was floating off of my body. I am ready to go home but cannot because I have a lot to do today.